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List of peer-reviewed journal papers and book chapters
(publications in Russian are listed separately)

Journal impact factors are given based on ISI "Journal Citation Reports" (JCR) published during the corresponding year (labeled by the previous year), or the closest available one.



  1. Ekaterina S. Yastrebova, Anastasiya I. Konokhova, Dmitry I. Strokotov, Andrei A. Karpenko, Valeri P. Maltsev, Andrei V. Chernyshev
    Proposed Dynamics of CDB3 Activation in Human Erythrocytes by Nifedipine Studied with Scanning Flow Cytometry
    Cytometry Part A 95, 1275-1284 (2019) DOI: 10.1002/cyto.a.23918     Impact Factor - 3.43 Q2 (JCR 2018)


  1. Irina V. Khalo, Anastasiya I. Konokhova, Darya Y. Orlova, Konstantin V. Trusov, Maxim A. Yurkin, Eva Bartova, Stanislav Kozubek, Valeri P. Maltsev, Andrei V. Chernyshev
    Nuclear apoptotic volume decrease in individual cells: confocal microscopy imaging and kinetic modeling
    Journal of Theoretical Biology ?? , ?? (2018) DOI: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2018.05.034     Impact Factor - 2.113 Q1 (JCR 2016)
  2. Alexander E. Moskalensky, Maxim A. Yurkin, Artem R. Muliukov, Alena L. Litvinenko, Vyacheslav M. Nekrasov, Andrei V. Chernyshev, Valeri P. Maltsev
    Method for the simulation of blood platelet shape and its evolution during activation
    PLOS Computational Biology 14 , e1005899 (2018) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1005899     Impact Factor - 4.54 Q1 (JCR 2016)


  1. Alexey A. Polshchitsin, Vyacheslav M. Nekrasov, Valentin S. Zakovryashin, Galina E. Yakovleva, Valeri P. Maltsev, Maxim A. Yurkin, Andrei V. Chernyshev
    Kinetic turbidimetry of patchy colloids aggregation: latex particles immunoagglutination
    Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. 516, 72–79 (2017). DOI: 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2016.12.018    Impact Factor - 2.716 Q2 (JCR 2016)


  1. Chernyshova E.S., Zaikina Y.S., Tsvetovskaya G.A., Strokotov D.I., Yurkin M.A., Serebrennikova E.S., Volkov L., Maltsev V.P., and Chernyshev A.V.
    Influence of magnesium sulfate on HCO3/Cl transmembrane exchange rate in human erythrocytes
    J. Theor. Biol. 393, 194–202 (2016)    Impact Factor - 2.113 Q1 (JCR 2016)


  1. Moskalensky A.E., Chernyshev A.V., Yurkin M.A., Nekrasov V.M., Polshchitsin A.A., Parks D.R., Moore W.A., Filatenkov A., Maltsev V.P., Orlova D.Y.
    Dynamic quantification of antigen molecules with flow cytometry
    J. Immunol. Meth. 418, 66–74 (2015), Erratum: 427, 138 (2015), Reprint: 427, 139–147 (2015)    Impact Factor - 2.100 Q3 (JCR 2016)


  1. Nekrasov V.M., Polshchitsin A.A., Yurkin M.A., Yakovleva G.E., Maltsev V.P., and Chernyshev A.V.
    Brownian aggregation rate of colloid particles with several active sites
    J. Chem. Phys. 141, 064309 (2014)    Impact Factor - 2.965 Q2 (JCR 2016)


  1. Pichugin Yu.G., Semiyanov K.A., Chernyshev A.V., Palchikova I.G., Omelyanchyuk L.V., and Maltsev V.P.
    Peculiarities of cytometrical methods of DNA content determination in the nucleus
    Cell Tiss. Biol. 6, 302–308 (2012) (translated from Russian)


  1. Orlova D.Yu., Borisov V.I., Kozhevnikov V.S., Maltsev V.P., and Chernyshev A.V.
    Distribution function approach to the study of the kinetics of IgM antibody binding to Fc?RIIIb (CD16b) receptors on neutrophils by flow cytometry
    J. Theor. Biol. 290, 1–6 (2011)    Impact Factor - 2.371 (JCR 2010)
  2. Orlova D.Yu., Bartova E., Maltsev V.P., Kozubek S., and Chernyshev A.V.
    A nonfitting method using a spatial sine window transform for inhomogeneous effective-diffusion measurements by FRAP
    Biophys. J. 100, 507–516 (2011).    Impact Factor - 4.218 (JCR 2010)


  1. Chernyshev A.V.,Tarasov P.A., Semianov K.A., Nekrasov V.M., Hoekstra A.G., and Maltsev V.P.
    Erythrocyte lysis in isotonic solution of ammonium chloride: Theoretical modeling and experimental verification
    J. Theor. Biol. 251 93–107 (2008)   Impact Factor - 2.323 (JCR 2007)


  1. Nekrasov V.M., Chernychev A.V., and Degermendzhy A.G.
    The "quantization" of sensitivity coefficients is preserved in microbial populations heterogeneous with respect to growth rate and age
    Dokl. Biol. Sci. 406 91–93 (2006) (translated from Russian)


  1. Wiklund M., Nord O., Gothall R., Chernyshev A.V., Nygren P.A., and Hertz H.M.
    Fluorescence-microscopy-based image analysis for analyte-dependent particle doublet detection in a single-step immuno agglutination assay
    Anal. Biochem. 338, 90–101 (2005)    Impact Factor - 2.37 (JCR 2004)


  1. Surovtsev I.V., Yurkin M.A., Shvalov A.N., Nekrasov V.M., Sivolobova G.F., Grajdantseva A.A., Maltsev V.P., and Chernyshev A.V.
    Kinetics of the initial stage of immunoagglutionation studied with the scanning flow cytometer
    Colloid. Surf. B 32, 245–255 (2003)    Impact Factor - 1.429 (JCR 2002)


  1. Surovtsev I.V., Razumov I.A., Nekrasov V.M., Shvalov A.N., Soini J.T., Maltsev V.P., Petrov A.K., Loktev V.B., and Chernyshev A.V.
    Mathematical modeling the kinetics of cell distribution in the process of ligand-receptor binding
    J. Theor. Biol. 206, 407–417 (2000)    Impact Factor - 1.278 (JCR 1999)


  1. Chernyshev A.V., Soini A.E., Maltsev V.P. and Soini E.
    A model of complete classical treatment of dispersion radical polymerization kinetics
    Macromolecules 31, 6455–6460 (1998)   Impact Factor - 3.5 (JCR 1997)
  2. Chernyshev A.V. and Soini A.E.
    Free radical dispersion polymerization of styrene in a mixture of 2-propanol and tetrahydrofuran
    J. Polymer Sci. A 36, 2757–2761 (1998)    Impact Factor - 1.202 (JCR 1997)


  1. Chernyshev A.V., Soini A.E., Surovtsev I.V., Maltsev V.P., and Soini E.
    A mathematical model of dispersion radical polymerization kinetics
    J. Polymer Sci. A 35, 1799–1807 (1997)   Impact Factor - 1.229 (JCR 1996)


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