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Inverse light-scattering problem


  1. Andrey V. Romanov, Anastasiya I. Konokhova, Ekaterina S. Yastrebova, Konstantin V. Gilev, Dmitry I. Strokotov, Andrei V. Chernyshev, Valeri P. Maltsev, Maxim A. Yurkin
    Spectral solution of the inverse Mie problem
    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 200, 280-294 (2017) DOI: 10.1016/j.jqsrt.2017.04.034    Impact Factor - 2.4 Q2 (JCR 2016)


  1. Anastasiya I. Konokhova ; Darya N. Chernova ; Dmitry I. Strokotov ; Andrei A. Karpenko ; Andrei V. Chernyshev ; Valeri P. Maltsev ; Maxim A. Yurkin
    Light-scattering gating and characterization of plasma microparticles
    J. Biomed. Opt. 21(11), 115003 (Nov 17, 2016). DOI: 10.1117/1.JBO.21.11.115003    Impact Factor - 2.530 Q2 (JCR 2016)
  2. Gilev K.V., Yurkin M.A., Chernyshova E.S., Strokotov D.I., Chernyshev A.V., and Maltsev V.P.
    Mature red blood cells: from optical model to inverse light-scattering problem
    Biomed. Opt. Express 7, 1305–1310 (2016)    Impact Factor - 3.337 Q1 (JCR 2016)
  3. Konokhova A.I., Chernova D.N., Moskalensky A.E., Strokotov D.I., Yurkin M.A., Chernyshev A.V., and Maltsev V.P.
    Super-resolved calibration-free flow cytometric characterization of platelets and cell-derived microparticles in platelet-rich plasma
    Cytometry A 89, 159–168 (2016)    Impact Factor - 3.222 Q2 (JCR 2016)


  1. Konokhova A.I., Rodionov A.A., Gilev K.V., Mikhaelis I.M., Strokotov D.I., Moskalensky A.E., Yurkin M.A., Chernyshev A.V., and Maltsev V.P.
    Enhanced characterization of milk fat globules by their size, shape and refractive index with scanning flow cytometry
    Int. Dairy J. 39, 316–323 (2014)    Impact Factor - 2.067 Q2 (JCR 2016)


  1. Konokhova A.I., Gelash A.A., Yurkin M.A., Chernyshev A.V., and Maltsev V.P.
    High-precision characterization of individual E. coli cell morphology by scanning flow cytometry
    Cytometry A 83A, 568–575 (2013)    Impact Factor - 3.711 (JCR 2012)
  2. Moskalensky A.E., Yurkin M.A., Konokhova A.I., Strokotov D.I., Nekrasov V.M., Chernyshev A.V., Tsvetovskaya G.A., Chikova E.D., and Maltsev V.P.
    Accurate measurement of volume and shape of resting and activated blood platelets from light scattering
    J. Biomed. Opt. 18, 017001 (2013)    Impact Factor - 2.881 (JCR 2012)
  3. Gilev K.V., Yurkin M.A., Dyatlov G.V., Chernyshev A.V., and Maltsev V.P.
    An optimization method for solving the inverse Mie problem based on adaptive algorithm for construction of interpolating database
    J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 131, 202–214 (2013)    Impact Factor - 2.38 (JCR 2012)


  1. Dyatlov G.V., Gilev K.V., Yurkin M.A., and Maltsev V.P.
    An optimization method with precomputed starting points for solving the inverse Mie problem
    Inv. Probl. 28, 045012 (2012)   Impact Factor - 1.88 (JCR 2011)


  1. Strokotov D.I., Yurkin M.A., Gilev K.V., van Bockstaele D.R., Hoekstra A.G., Rubtsov N.B., and Maltsev V.P.
    Is there a difference between T- and B-lymphocyte morphology?
    J. Biomed. Opt. 14, 064036 (2009)    Impact Factor - 2.97 (JCR 2008)


  1. Fiorani L., Maltsev V.P., Nekrasov V.M., Palucci A., Semyanov K.A., and Spizzichino V.
    Scanning flow cytometer modified to distinguish phytoplankton cells from their effective size, effective refractive index, depolarization, and fluorescence
    Appl. Opt. 47, 4405–4412 (2008)    Impact Factor - 1.701 (JCR 2007)
  2. Orlova D.Y., Yurkin M.A., Hoekstra A.G., and Maltsev V.P.
    Light scattering by neutrophils: model, simulation, and experiment
    J. Biomed. Opt. 13, 054057 (2008)   Impact Factor - 3.084 (JCR 2007)


  1. Kolesnikova I.V., Potapov S.V., Yurkin M.A., Hoekstra A.G., Maltsev V.P., and Semyanov K.A.
    Determination of volume, shape and refractive index of individual blood platelets
    J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 102, 37–45 (2006)   Impact Factor - 1.685 (JCR 2005)
  2. Berdnik V.V., Gilev K.V., Shvalov A.N., Maltsev V.P., and Loiko V.A.
    Characterization of spherical particles using high-order neural networks and scanning flow cytometry
    J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 102, 62–72 (2006)    Impact Factor - 1.685 (JCR 2005)
  3. Zharinov A., Tarasov P.A., Shvalov A.N., Semyanov K.A., van Bockstaele D.R., and Maltsev V.P.
    A study of light scattering of mononuclear blood cells with scanning flow cytometry
    J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 102, 121–128 (2006)    Impact Factor - 1.685 (JCR 2005)


  1. Yurkin M.A., Semyanov K.A., Tarasov P.A., Chernyshev A.V., Hoekstra A.G., and Maltsev V.P.
    Experimental and theoretical study of light scattering by individual mature red blood cells by use of scanning flow cytometry and a discrete dipole approximation
    Appl. Opt. 44, 5249–5256 (2005)    Impact Factor - 1.799 (JCR 2004)


  1. Semyanov K.A., Tarasov P.A., Zharinov A.E., Chernyshev A.V., Hoekstra A.G., and Maltsev V.P.
    Single-particle sizing from light scattering by spectral decomposition
    Appl. Opt. 43 5110-5115 (2004)   Impact Factor - 1.534 (JCR 2003)


  1. Sem'yanov K.A., Tarasov P.A., Soini J.T., Petrov A.K., and Maltsev V.P.
    Calibration free method to determine the size and hemoglobin concentration of individual red blood cells from light scattering
    Appl. Opt. 39, 5884–5889 (2000)   Impact Factor - 1.616 (JCR 1999)
  2. Sem'yanov K.A. and Maltsev V.P.
    Analysis of sub-micron spherical particles using scanning flow cytometry
    Part. Part. Syst. Charact. 17, 225–229 (2000)   Impact Factor - 0.642 (JCR 1999)


  1. Maltsev V.P. and Lopatin V.N.
    Parametric solution of the inverse light-scattering problem for individual spherical particles
    Appl. Opt. 36, 6102–6108 (1997)   Impact Factor - 0.972 (JCR 1996)
  2. Maltsev V.P., Chernyshev A.V., Sem'yanov K.A., and Soini E.
    Absolute real-time determination of size and refractive index of individual microspheres
    Meas. Sci. Technol. 8, 1023–1027 (1997)   Impact Factor - 0.623 (JCR 1996)


  1. Maltsev V.P., Chernyshev A.V. , Sem'yanov K.A., and Soini E.
    Absolute real-time measurement of particle size distribution with the flying light-scattering indicatrix method
    Appl. Opt. 35, 3275–3280 (1996)   Impact Factor - 1.067 (JCR 1995)


  1. Chernyshev A.V. , Prots V.I., Doroshkin A.A., and Maltsev V.P.
    Measurement of scattering properties of individual particles with a scanning flow cytometer.
    Appl. Opt. 34, 6301–6305 (1995)   Impact Factor - 1.033 (JCR 1994)


  1. Maltsev V.P.
    Estimation of morphological characteristics of single particles from light scattering data in flow cytometry
    Russ. Chem. Bull. 43, 1115–1124 (1994) (translated from Russian)   Impact Factor - 0.403 (JCR 1998)


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