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White Blood Cells


  1. Maltsev V.P., Hoekstra A.G., and Yurkin M.A.
    Optics of white blood cells: optical models, simulations, and experiments
    in Advanced Optical Flow Cytometry: Methods and Disease Diagnoses, ed. Tuchin V.V., Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, pp.6393 (2011)


  1. Strokotov D.I., Yurkin M.A., Gilev K.V., van Bockstaele D.R., Hoekstra A.G., Rubtsov N.B., and Maltsev V.P.
    Is there a difference between T- and B-lymphocyte morphology?
    J. Biomed. Opt. 14, 064036 (2009)    Impact Factor - 2.97 (JCR 2008)


  1. Orlova D.Y., Yurkin M.A., Hoekstra A.G., and Maltsev V.P.
    Light scattering by neutrophils: model, simulation, and experiment
    J. Biomed. Opt. 13, 054057 (2008)   Impact Factor - 3.084 (JCR 2007)


  1. Semyanov K.A., Zharinov A.E., Tarasov P.A., Yurkin M.A., Skribunov I.G., van Bockstaele D.R., and Maltsev V.P.
    Optics of leucocytes
    in Optics of Biological Particles, ed. Hoekstra A.G., Maltsev V.P., Videen G., Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 253264 (2007)
  2. Yurkin M.A., Semyanov K.A., Maltsev V.P., and Hoekstra A.G.
    Discrimination of granulocyte subtypes from light scattering: theoretical analysis using a granulated sphere model
    Opt. Express 15, 1656116580 (2007)   Impact Factor - 4.009 (JCR 2006)


  1. Zharinov A., Tarasov P.A., Shvalov A.N., Semyanov K.A., van Bockstaele D.R., and Maltsev V.P.
    A study of light scattering of mononuclear blood cells with scanning flow cytometry
    J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 102, 121128 (2006)    Impact Factor - 1.685 (JCR 2005)


Scanning Flow Cytometer

Light scattering


White Blood Cells

Red Blood Cells

Blood Platelets

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