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Instrumental platform of Universal analyzer for biology and medicine "BioUniScan"


Discrete Dipole Approximation: computer code to simulate light scattering by arbitrary particles


Identification and characterization of blood cells from static and dynamic indices

You are welcome to see the photos from Interantional conference "Optics of Biological Particles" that occurred in Novosibirsk from October 3 to 6, 2005.

There is the fragment from the book "Practical Flow Cytometry" by Shapiro H.M. relating to the Scanning Flow Cytometry (PDF file, 600 kB).
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Russian Science

Study of the morphological and functional properties of biological cells, including blood cells, using a sub-diffraction optical resolution and mathematical modeling of intra-and intercellular processes, in order to create new cell assays for clinical diagnosis

Russian Foundation
for Basic Research

Study of the dynamics of biological processes in single cells by scanning flow cytometry: development of the statistical approach for the investigation of ligand-receptor interaction on the surface and within the cell

Study of the morphological and functional abnormalities of red blood cells by scanning flow cytometry in pathologies of pregnancy leading to intrauterine hypoxia

Study biospecific aggregation...

Study of blood microparticles...

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Federal Agency on Education

Development of the discrete dipole approximation to simulate light scattering by particles with arbitrary shape and internal structure, sizes much larger than wavelength, and large refractive indices
Development of new methods in biological cell characterization including blood cells by means of polarization and spatial distribution of laser radiation scattered by the cells
A study of adsorption, absorption and aggregation of bio-colloids by means of dynamic flow cytometry
Study on protein dynamics in the nuclei of living cells by the use of FRAP technique

Carl Zeiss

Development of methods for identification and characterization of lymphocytes and stem cells from light scattering

Characterization of most important cells with Polarizing Scanning Flow Cytometry
NATO Science for Peace Project 977976

The Russian Academy
of Sciences

Light Scattering Tomography

Federal Agency on Science and Innovations

Polymer beads based biosensor for immunoassay of infections including high pathogenic viruses

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Technical exploitability and merchantability of the SFC Technology and the PSFC Technology and feasibility of the development and the commercialization of the Products

Siberian Branch of the Russian
Academy of Sciences

Development of 3D technology for high resolution cell imaging in biophysical and medical studies

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