Photo Gallery of Maxim Yurkin

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Below are the major sections of this photo gallery with brief descriptions:

Name Description Last
Meetings Different parties, visits, etc. 10.03.2007
Travels Going to any places far from home. 31.08.2006
Amsterdam Photos made in Amsterdam, which do not go in other sections. 07.02.2007
Kharkov Photos made in Kharkov, which do not go in other sections. 19.06.2008
Novosibirsk Photos made in Novosibirsk, which do not go in other sections. 22.11.2006
Wedding Photos from my wedding ceremony and banquet. 21.01.2007
Parents Several (7) photos of my parents and grandmother. 05.10.2004
Flame My experiments with candle flame (45 photos). 05.02.2005
Old Old photos where mostly I am depicted 02.07.2004